Firefox 4 Gets 7.1Million Downloads in 24Hours

Firefox 4, the new version of Firefox released on 22nd March, got 7.1 million downloads worldwide in 24 hours. So, if someone asks, How many times Firefox 4 was downloaded in 24hours? You got the answer, its 7.1 million. But still wasn’t good enough to break the record of its predecessor Firefox 3. A year ago Firefox 3 came out and made its way to Genesis Book of Record with the highest downloads of 8 million in 24 hours.

Yes, the previous version Mozilla Firefox 3 reached 8 million downloads in 24 hours which was a world record. I wonder why this newer version couldn’t break that record as this one is way too better than the previous one. The new look of firefox 4 is amazing, the cool new tabs, the add on manager, and most importantly I liked the speed of it.

[ad#ad-taalz-inpost-right]Microsoft is still has no comparison with Firefox, IE9 released few weeks back is way too better than all other browsers. I am loving IE9 right now, but unfortunately IE9 could only make 2.35million downloads in 24 hours. I think the main reason for this lower number is that IE9 is only available to users on Windows 7 and Windows Vista platform, whereas, the count of downloads from Mozilla Firefox 4 is for all the platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac and Mobile phone. So by this, I’m not impressed and rather more impressed by IE9 that it made 2.35 million which is a huge number on a very limited platform.

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