Download Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 RC x86 and x64

Microsoft just released the Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate after quite a long time since the release of the beta version of MSIE9. There are some changes to the interface of MSIE9RC too beside some back end technical issues. Microsoft is getting a very tough time in browser industry because of their biggest competitor Mozilla Firefox and now to come extend Google Chrome.

Download Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 new features list goes as:

  • Streamlined design
  • Pinned Sites For Windows 7
  • Download Manager
  • New Tab Design
  • Second line for Tabs
  • Search in the address bar
  • Notification Bar
  • Add-on Performance Advisor
  • Hardware acceleration
  • Tracking Protecting
  • ActiveX Filter

The final version of Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 is expected to be released by Microsoft at MIX 2011 in April this year. With some tests performed on MSIE 9 Release Candidate it appears that the performance of MSIE9 RC has not increased when compared to MSIE9 Beta and is pretty much the same, but still is very good.

  • Acid 3 test – 95/100
  • Acid 2 test – renders correctly
  • – 116/300

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