Difference Between Facebook Live Feed and News Feed

Facebook LogoFew days back facebook (as usual) changed their main home page interface again. People are really hating facebook for this change again. When the users become used to of some interface, Facebook changes it again. These rapid changes are not liked by people. Recently the main page is changed and facebook introduced two quite complex things “News Feed” and “Live Feed“. 95% of the people are still not aware them that what are the differences in both these feeds.

Facebook Live Feed vs News Feed
Facebook Live Feed vs News Feed

News Feeds shows you the position where you left your facebook last time. It shows you all the posts which were live at your last signout from facebook.

[ad#ad-taalz-inpost-right]On the other hand, Live Feeds is the current on going activity on the facebook.

Whenever you login to your facebook, it shows you the News Feed page first so that you can know where you left the last time. And with the live feed you will see some numbers like 100+ or something. These numbers show the number of activities taken place among your friends since you were not on facebook.

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