Call-Out Shaped Speakers

Speaker Call-Out Shaped SpeakersStylized gadgets are always a fun to see and have.Being a music lover,my first priority are my speakers.I was so much bored of my old speakers and wanted to change with something new and stylish,and found just the right ones.Speak-er has lately announced their new speakers.Well.there is something really unique and exciting about these speakers,because they are made in a ‘call-out’ design the one we see in the comics.

The dimesnsions are 4″ (height) x 6″ (width).These cute looking speakers also can be attached to your iPod.Here are some more pics

Speak-er Call-Out Speakers-2

Speak-er Call-Out Speakers-3

Speak-er Call-Out Speakers-4

The surface is a cool black which is complimented with the silver border casing.The price is $120.

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