Auto-Eco Light Control Lamp by Sony

Auto-Eco Light ControlSaving your electricity is one priority ever household person has.But its so difficult to do so,because you have to handle so many appliances when you are at home.Now with the help of Sony’s ‘Auto-Eco Light Control’,you need not to worry about the light power consumption anymore.Its a simple round lamp,which is centered on the roof of your room and it automatically changes the light intensity by checking the light in the room.

The lamp has luminous sensor which enables it to do its work

Auto-Eco Light Control-2

The lamp adjusts the brightness from 10-100%.The much noticble is that you won’t notice the lamp changed brightness as it takes 65steps to do so.

Auto-Eco Light Control-3

Moreover,they look nice when glowing giving a very centric feel to the room.It will come in 74-85 watts and the prices would be $390 and $355 respectively.

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