10 Top WordPress Free Themes Websites

WordPress blog is quite a very famous script used for blogging. Many people after installing the blog are very much upset finding free good looking wordpress themes. Finally I have collected some of the outstanding themes for WordPress blog users.

All these themes are designed by different developers. The company that designed the themes reserve the rights of the themes.

Here are the links to some of the free wordpress themes

  1. http://topwpthemes.com/
  2. http://www.freewpthemes.net/
  3. http://www.skinpress.com/
  4. http://www.wpskins.org/
  5. http://www.6x3print.info/themes/
  6. http://wordpress.ultrawebsitehosting.com/
  7. http://www.smashingapps.com/2008/10/13/13-simple-and-elegant-free-wordpress-themes.html
  8. http://wordpressthemesbase.com/
  9. http://www.joniang.com/2007/09/27/free-wordpress-themes/
  10. http://www.eblogtemplates.com/templates/wordpress-themes/