Which is the first web browser?

Mosaic LogoMany people still wonder that which web browser was the first one. Many think that Netscape was the first browser, but they are wrong. The first web browser was called “Mosaic”. Mosaic was developed by two guys Marc Andreessen and Eric Bina at the National Center of Supercomputing Applications (also known as NCSA).

Yahoo.com on Mosaic Browser in 1993


Mosaic was developed in late 1992 and was released in 1993. Later Marc Andreessen and Bina both joined the team again and developed the popular Netscape Web Browser. In 1997 Mosaic was discontinued because of the popularity of Netscape. Before that Mosaic was licensed to a company called “Spyglass Inc.”, but unfortunately as I said it was discontinued on 7th Jan. 1997.


Mosaic was the first graphical user interface web browser and even today the most popular browsers like Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox adopt the very same techniques used in Mosaic.

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