Symantec started crackdown on warez websites

Symantec LogoSymantec Corporation, the company which owns the Norton Antivirus software has started a massive crackdown against the warez website. Recently there were a lot of free downloading websites reported which were giving different software to download with cracked versions.

As a result Symantec Corporation started reporting for such websites to the hosting companies and the data-centers all over the world. The Business Software Alliance (BSA) communicated with the data centers and asked them to shut down all those illegal websites which were sharing Symantec Corporation’s Norton Antivirus products to be downloaded free of cost with cracks to it unofficially.

[ad#ad-taalz-inpost-left]Symantec Corporation on the other hand is still unable to stop their software piracy over the torrent networks. They could only get their hands over some websites and as a result the full websites were shut down by the hosting companies instead of just removing the Norton Antivirus software.

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