Rapidshare changed the Convert Rapidpoints policy

Rapidshare LogoRapidshare is the world’s largest free file hosting service on the Internet with petabytes of storage and petabytes of data transfer from their data-center every day. Rapidshare had a RapidPoint system which was quite famous and people do love Rapidshare because of it. Although it is the biggest file hosting site, but still to my amaze most of the people don’t know and have no idea that how to download files from Rapidshare.

How RapidPoints system work?

[ad#ad-taalz-inpost-right]When uploaders upload the files in their Free-Zone (Collector’s Zone) account or the Premium Account they can easily track their files and earn RapidPoints. If your uploaded file (over 5mb in size) is downloaded once by 1 downloader, you earn 1 Rapidpoint against it.

What are the benefits of RapidPoints?

When you start collecting the RapidPoints, you can then convert them and redeem them from Rapidshare. Collector’s login user can create a free premium account with their RapidPoints. (10,000 RapidPoints = 1 Month Premium Account.) Similarly, the premium account users can either create a new 30-days premium account or they can extend their current premium account.

RapidPoints policy changed:

Rapidshare Premium Account users were able to create new 30-days premium accounts for 10,000 RapidPoints, similarly they can extend their current premium account for 30-days for 10,000 RapidPoints. Recently, I just checked and found out that Rapidshare changed a little policy on creating a new premium account.

Convert Rapidshare RapidPoints

[ad#ad-taalz-inpost-left]In their new policy, you can only create a new premium account if you have earned RefferPoints too. Previously you were charged 10,000 points for a new account, but now they charge 5000 points and 1 Refferpoint. Overall conclusion is that, its hard to create RefferPoints, so now it will become hard for you to create a new premium account.

What are RefferPoints?

Every new customer who signs up and buys a premium account by your refferal link, in return you get 1 RefferPoint from Rapidshare. Either you can spread a link with your Refferal ID in it, or if a customer follows your download link (for the file that is uploaded in your premium account/collector’s login) and then buys a premium account from there.

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