NVIDIA announched Personal Supercomuter for $10,000

“NVIDIA announced a new category of supercomputers — the Tesla Personal Supercomputer — a 4 Teraflop desktop for under $10,000. This desktop machine has 4 of the Tesla C1060 GPU computing processors. These GPUs have no graphics out and are used only for computing. Each Tesla GPU has 240 cores and delivers about 1 Teraflop single precision and about 80 Gigaflops double-precision floating point performance. The CPU + GPU is programmed using C with added keywords using a parallel programming model called CUDA. The CUDA C compiler/development toolchain is free to download. There are tons of applications ported to CUDA including Mathematica, LabView, ANSYS Mechanical, and tons of scientific codes from molecular dynamics, quantum chemistry, and electromagnetics; they’re listed on CUDA Zone.”

Source: Slashdot
Posted by timothy on Sunday November 23, @04:25AM

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