Nokia N95 Slider Fix

I bought a new Nokia N95 after bringing the box home I opened the set and was like, what the hell? The top slider of Nokia 95 was lose from the right side. When you tap the slider from the right side it gives the click-click sound and is pretty much lose. Then, I was told that Nokia N95 Slider has a manufacturing fault.

That click-click sound of the slider by pressing it from the right side started annoying me. I figured out that the righ side of the slider is a bit higher than the left side if you see it from the side. Here is the video showing the problem of the slider.
[youtube M7-iCP8xcCQ nolink]

I was curious to fix it and I found people were way more curious about it 🙂 I happened to find a video on YouTube about fixing the Slider Loosy/Wooble Problem of Nokia N95. See the Video to Fix Nokia N95 Slider Problem
[youtube BaEVJeRE8iU nolink]

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