Nestle survived year 2008 recession

Nestle LogoNestle, a Swiss company announced today that they had a 69.4percent profit in the year 2008. The year 2008 and the beginning of the year 2009 so far is considered as the worst recession the world is facing today. Each company around the world, no matter what they produce or what services they provide were having the greatest downfall on the sales and services.

[ad#ad-taalz-inpost-left]The top leading car manufacturers were hit very hard with this recession. Including Toyota, Honda, Nissan and many others decided to cut-off their jobs and closed the quarterly production for the year 2009. Similarly the electronics market was hit with the same pace, Panasonic decided to close 27 plants worldwide, Sony cuts-off jobs, and many other electronic companies were effected. The overall jobs cut of trend became a scary scenario and the people of the world were forced to thing of their future lives at stack.

Nestle a food company on the other hand strangely announced record breaking profit during the year 2008. The sales of Nestle products jumped up in huge numbers. The net profit of Nestle in year 2008 was 15billion US Dollars. The profit was 69.4 percent jump from the last year and their sales jumped up to 109.9 billion. Nestle amazingly survived the greatest and disastrous recession period of the world which gives the hope and message to many other companies.

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