World’s First Electric Powered Garbage Van

Garbage Van in UK that runs on GarbageIn this whole recession environment, every country is looking for an alternative power and fuel energy sources. Some countries are producing electricity by the formal wind energy, and some are using the solar power. Solar powered mobile phones, and solar powered cars are made to reduce fuel consumption. A small town in UK has transformed the way they used to collect garbage. They run the garbage collection vans by the garbage they collect. This is really an interesting story as this can change the whole way we look at garbage thrown out from our houses. The garbage is recycled to produce electric energy to power up the van’s batteries

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Nestle survived year 2008 recession

Nestle LogoNestle, a Swiss company announced today that they had a 69.4percent profit in the year 2008. The year 2008 and the beginning of the year 2009 so far is considered as the worst recession the world is facing today. Each company around the world, no matter what they produce or what services they provide were having the greatest downfall on the sales and services.

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