LIVE COVERAGE: Nokia Global Launch Event in Pakistan

As you all are aware today Nokia is launching some new handsets globally and the launch event is for the first time setup in the city of Karachi of Pakistan. I am sitting in my room and outside my window I can see all the preparations going on for the event. The launch event look big and a limited number of media and technology specialists are invited for the launch. Not only the bloggers and media from Pakistan but across the world would be present at the event. I will be tweeting and giving live coverage of the event on the blog, so stay tuned here. Nokia Global Launch event in Pakistan.

You can also follow us on our facebook page ( or you follow us on twitter @pickmoreblog as well. The event venue is very well designed and the interior is totally in black color with purple, blue and green spot lights. I saw the Nokia Store stall at one end, so I guess they will be talking about the Nokia Store on this event too beside the launch of some mid-range (as humored) handset. This humored mid-range handset will have a facebook app and will be touch screen. We will keep you updated about everything!

Keep your eyes open here!

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