Key2SafeDriving Cellphone Jammer developed by Utah Researchers

Cellphone Precaution Message while using Key2SafeDrivingSafe driving is a must and mobile phones are sure one thing to be kept away when you are doing it. It seems impossible for us to just keep them away when we are on road. It is a fact that humans are getting too much social and inter-connected with other people that we just don’t want to miss a single update from the corner. In other words its an addictiveness which we don’t realize. Now there is a possible solution for you, not using your mobile while you are driving. Researchers at the University of Utah have developed the Key2SafeDriving, which keeps the mobile phone away to ensure a safe drive.

It would definitely a good treatment for those who just can’t leave their mobile phones and pay attention to other ‘things’. The mobile phone usage of the public is increasing in huge numbers day by day in this century. Mobile phone companies and other manufacturers are announcing new add-on accessories for mobile handsets on a massive scale. Recently the helmets with bluetooth for bike riders were announced by AKE so that they can have a save ride on their bikes or motorcycles.

Key2SafeDriving Key to Jam mobile phones while driving

[ad#ad-taalz-inpost-right]The technology is very simple: when you put in the key and move it to start the car, the flick would trigger the software in the mobile which would jam it. When a phone call comes, it would bypass the ringer so that you won’t get disturbed. However, a pictorial screen message would tell you that you have got a message or phone call. So if you have to listen to the call or read the message you received you gotta trigger the software off by turning off your car.

But there is one fault/discrepancy that it doesn’t blocks the hands-free usage, and the driver could use the mobile this way or the other. This is one thing that needs to be worked out, to ensure a perfect product.

The Key2SafeDriving key would cost $50 and some additional monthly charges. It is expected to be launched within or after 6 months.

Via [gadgets-weblog]

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