How To: Windows Live Download, Offline Installer

Microsoft Windows Live LogoWindows Live which includes; Messenger, Mail, Writer, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Toolbar, Family Safe and Silverlight is installed using an Online installer from Many people don’t like this way of running the installation process online. Rather they prefer to download everything before and then install it from their own computer.

So, I tried to figure out how to get the offline installer and finally got a way.

  • [ad#ad-taalz-inpost-right]Windows Live Download – Online Installer downloads a 1mb file.
  • Windows Live Download – Offline Installer downloads a full setup file of 134mb in size.

Simply goto and click the Download Button. It will take you do the next page, simply CANCEL the popup of download box that you get. Now on the right panel you will see the “TRY AGAIN” button. Click on it, and get the Offline Installer. Yes, this is it – So Simple 🙂

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