How To: Windows Live Download, Offline Installer

Microsoft Windows Live LogoWindows Live which includes; Messenger, Mail, Writer, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Toolbar, Family Safe and Silverlight is installed using an Online installer from Many people don’t like this way of running the installation process online. Rather they prefer to download everything before and then install it from their own computer.

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The Ultimate Pirate Bay Download

The Pirate BayWe all know, Pirate Bay, the famous torrent tracker site is being closed soon. With over 2 million torrents, Pirate Bay is one of the best sites. Pirate Bay, being sold is a nightmare for the heavy torrent users.

But an anonymous user uploaded a single torrent containing approx. 900,000 Pirate Bay torrents in it. A single massive archive of 21.3 Gigabytes! The Explanation for the missing files from the “super” torrent from Pirate Bay is: Continue reading “The Ultimate Pirate Bay Download”

OmniFocus, Task Manager for iPhone and iPod

OmniFocus for iPhone and iPod TouchOmniFocus for iPhone and iPod touch works great as a stand alone application or in conjunction with OmniFocus for Mac. It’s easy to sync your OmniFocus data between multiple Mac computers and your iPhone using your iDisk if you’re a MobileMe subscriber or a by using a generic WebDAV server.

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Download Microsoft Windows 7 BETA Public Release x32 and x64 for Free

Windows 7After the public released of Microsoft Windows 7 Beta there is a rush on the microsoft server and creating a fish market. Common people on the Internet have no idea from where to download this new version of Windows. I wonder what kind of public release was that by Microsoft? So I decided to tell you all about how to download Microsoft Windows 7 BETA.

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