Fix / Extend Battery Life of iPhone, iPad and iPod with iOS 4.3

iOS4.3 was recently released by Apple but most of the users who upgraded their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are facing a problem of battery life. The battery drains much quickly as compared to the previous version of iOS. There is a quick solution on how to extend the battery life of iPad iPhone and iPod having iOS 4.3. There’s a service of PING which is in constant use (process) and has to be switched off to extend battery life.

How to switch off PING on iPad, iPhone and iPod with iOS4 to extend battery life?

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Now General.
  3. Now go to Restrictions.
  4. Now click on Enable Restrictions.
  5. Enter Pin Code.
  6. On this screen turn off and disable PING.

Disabling ping service increase the battery life of iPod, iPad and iPhone which have iOS4 operating system.

[Via: CrunchiTech]

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