Google Toolbar 5 Beta for Firefox Released

Google Toolbar 5 Beta for FirefoxGoogle has updated the Google Toolbar for Firefox with its new version Google Toolbar 5 Beta. They have introduced four new features with this new toolbar. The most attractive one is the Notebook feature. It is specially good for bloggers and students or research workers. You can collect articles and stuff through this Notebook and then can use it later. Google team say “Clip and Collect Information” about this new feature.

If I’m not wrong I guess this same feature is introduced by the new Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 beta. Microsoft IE8 has a similar kind of feature called “Accelerators” in which you can simply select the content of any website and on a right click you can directly post it to your blog or search it with different search engines or Wikipedia. I guess Microsoft got the break through here with that feature. Microsoft IE8 is still in the beta phase and MSIE 8 was delayed for its release because Microsoft wants their new IE8.0 to be the ground shaking web browser.

[youtube FN3xzsoZK4U nolink]

The other features include:

  • Add gadgets to your Toolbar
    to view your favorite content from any site.
  • Access your Toolbar from any computer
    by saving your settings online.
  • Clip content as you browse the web
    with Google Notebook, now integrated with Toolbar.
  • Get suggestions instead of error pages
    for broken links or mistyped web addresses.

Download the new Google Toolbar 5 Beta for Firefox.


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