Google Chrome 2.0 Beta

Google ChromeGoogle yesterday released the newer version of its web browser Google Chrome 2.0 beta. This shows the Google team who is working on the web browser project is working like a horse 24/7 to bring out something much better. At the full release of Google Chrome browser everyone in the IT industry was surprised that within just 100 days of the Google Chrome BETA, Google removed the Beta tag. Google Chorme web browser is still pre-mature. There are still many flaws in the browsers. As compared to the other browsers like MSIE and Mozilla Firefox; Google Chrome is still trying.

Google Chrome 2.0 Features:

  1. Auto Complete Forum – will help you complete the forms automatically. No need to type again and again
    Google Chrome 2.0 Autocomplete Feature 
  2. Page Zoom, helps you to zoom the page to have a better view of the content.
    Google Chrome 2.0 Full Page Zoom 


  3. Autoscroll – people who don’t have the habit of using the scroll mouse to scroll the page have this new feature in the Google Chrome 2.0. There is the autoscroll feature in it now.
    Google Chrome 2.0 Autoscroll Feature 


  4. Profiles – This is a new feature introduced for the first time in web browsers. I am sure it is going to shack the legs of Microsoft developers who are working on Internet Explorer 8.0. It helps you manage your logs, history, autofill forms, passwords in your own profile.
    Google Chrome 2.0 Profiles Feature 


  5. Greasemonkey script support – To enable this experimental feature you need to right-click on Chrome’s shortcut from your desktop, select Properties and add –enable-user-scripts in the Target field. While you’re in the Properties dialog, click on “Open File Location” and create a folder named User Scripts, where you’ll need to manually save scripts.
    Google Chrome 2.0 Greasemonkey scripts support 

You can download the Google Chrome 2.0 Pre-BETA from the Google Developers Channel.

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