Facebook fake spam “Profile Violation Reported Notification”

Facebook LogoFacebook is one of the biggest social network website, with over $500million of assets. Facebook provide it’s users to create their own application and add them to their profile. Many companies have started professional development of apps for facebook. Today there was a strange spam notification that I received. The notification said “XXX just reported your profile as it is in violation of Terms and Conditions! Click for Details”. This is not any report to facebook, rather its a spam application. Following is the screenshot of the spam notification:

Facebook Fake TOS Violation Notification

[ad#ad-taalz-inpost-left]When you will click the Click to Details button, it will take you to a page and will ask you to click another button saying “Check Details”. Once you click that button, that application will be installed in your profile too and all your friends will get the same notification that you received. Beware of it, and do not click any such button. You are not reported and this is just a fake message. I am not sure about that what it does, but the clue that I have is they take out your email addresses for sending you spam emails.

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