Download Windows Live Messenger 2011 for WinXP is Not Available

Yesterday I wrote an article “Windows Live Essential 2011 for Windows XP is not supported”, and I got lots of people mailing me and asking me that can we download and run new windows live messenger 2011 on XP? People come on! Windows Live Messenger is the part of Windows Live Essential.

Windows Live Essential 2011 is only supported for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. MSN Messenger, Movie Maker, Photo Gallery and Live Mail are the components of Live Essential. So if you are not able to install it on your XP, how can you be able to install Messenger? Similarly you are not even able to install the new Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) on Windows XP.

For Windows XP users the previous version of Windows Live Essential is working and it is still available for users to download.

Download: Windows Live Essential for WinXP

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