Download Windows Live Messenger 2011 for WinXP is Not Available

Yesterday I wrote an article “Windows Live Essential 2011 for Windows XP is not supported”, and I got lots of people mailing me and asking me that can we download and run new windows live messenger 2011 on XP? People come on! Windows Live Messenger is the part of Windows Live Essential.

Windows Live Essential 2011 is only supported for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. MSN Messenger, Movie Maker, Photo Gallery and Live Mail are the components of Live Essential. So if you are not able to install it on your XP, how can you be able to install Messenger? Similarly you are not even able to install the new Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) on Windows XP.

For Windows XP users the previous version of Windows Live Essential is working and it is still available for users to download.

Download: Windows Live Essential for WinXP

7 thoughts on “Download Windows Live Messenger 2011 for WinXP is Not Available

  1. what does windows vista has that xp doesn’t have for running WLM ?
    you can’t use the same excuse as GPU accelaration for IE9 anymore now.

  2. Yes, it is a shame that Microsoft and Live and even more software supliers are not developing solutions that will work on any OS. My openion is that all users have to stop using there software untill this scam about win xp is completly done. We have to use win xp because not everithing we wont to use is working on Vista or Win7, like games. Also not to speak about 64 bit Vista ans Win7.

  3. windows xp is best rather than windows 7
    because windows 7 is too much heavy for computer because in win 7 sooo many unusable software are always running in background which slows down computer performance .
    check out task manager….
    in win xp there are 30 to 35 processes are running and in win 7 there are around 70 to 90 processes are running

  4. People who cant efford an uppgrade to win 7 always complains about it…without nowing anything about it…Win XP was the best OS before, but not any longer…WIN 7 beats it in every way….microsoft cant have service for an OS for ever, it would cost to much…Its time to get an upgrade to win 7 now!!
    And keep your old computer to play old games on!!

    1. Not really actually. A lot of people with high-end pc actually use xp over 7, and not because of cost. If you knew more about the matter then you would see where your mistake is at lol.

  5. I am not going to change my operating system just because the guys from windows live decided to throw us out. I have tried averything to actualize my “messenger” on my laptop, which is state of the art but i decided to use xp instead of vista because vista is just bullshit… now my messenger wnet to hell because the supposedly available versions for xp are not available and if u try to use the older version it just bombs u out. sorry, i just learned to absolutely hate messenger

  6. well i don’t know how you can say that WinXP 2011 is not available as when my previous version expired & I was told i cannot sign in until i had the latest version i.e beta 2011 i found an options at the bottom of sign in & there was listed WinXP 2011 download !! I did download it & its been great ever since.

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