Changes in Google Analytics

There is a little change in the interface of the Google Analytics dashboard page. It is just not the interface change but a new feature has been added to it. Now you can easily see the increase and drop of traffic on your websites with a little red or green arrow. Red downwards arrow shows the drop of traffic on your website and the Green upwards arrow shows the increase in your traffic. You can customize the time period for it, like you can see in last week was your traffic increasing or decreasing.

But there is a little backdraw in the feature. Everytime you have to check the traffic period you have to manually set the time. It does not save! So no permanent link is generated for the traffic of your website.

Other changes include the Custom Reporting and Advanced Segments, plus Google removed the Adsense integration from the Google Analytics. There is a speical invitation link to this feature in the Google Adsense account.

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