Apple iPad Launch Keynote Video, 27th January 2010

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple launched the new product – A tablet PC called Apple iPad (which obviously is a funny name) on 27th January 2010. With a 1GHz processor and 9.7″ multi-touch screen users can enjoy the fantasy of iPhone and iPod on a bigger screen now. In addition to all the existing features and apps which work on iPod and iPhone, iPad has its own SDK too, which allow the developers to make their own new apps for iPad. Apple iPad has the former iTunes and iStore plus the new iBook app which allow the users to purchase books online and read them on their iPad. Here is the video of the keynote of Apple iPad:

[youtube CQ55I8RtiHo nolink]

[youtube gA6AdereWJA nolink]

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[youtube lR9Awqc0B_I nolink]

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