iPhone 5 Latest Concept Video, Looks Pretty Amazing

I was surfing Youtube and came across a very amazing video which showed the conceptual Apple iPhone 5. We are still not sure when and what iPhone 5 will be released and look like. Still there are rumors that may be the next upcoming iPhone is called iPhone 4S. Some also claim that iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 are two different sets which will be launched in year 2011. Check this video out and you will surely be surprised.

[youtube lzsBwnv_dAg]

This video shows a conceptual ultra thin iPhone 5 which also has a laser holographic keyboard and a holographic screen to project the display in air. By the way, back in September 2010 this very same concept iPhone 5 image was published by handyFlash guys (check here). Everytime a new phone by Apple has to come in the market tech bloggers release images and videos of concept phones. This same happened with iPhone 4 too and many concept iphone 4 images were released too.

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