iPhone 5 Latest Concept Video, Looks Pretty Amazing

I was surfing Youtube and came across a very amazing video which showed the conceptual Apple iPhone 5. We are still not sure when and what iPhone 5 will be released and look like. Still there are rumors that may be the next upcoming iPhone is called iPhone 4S. Some also claim that iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 are two different sets which will be launched in year 2011. Check this video out and you will surely be surprised.

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iPhone 4 Conceptual Phones Before The Actual Launch

iPhone is one of the most talked about mobile phone since last few years. Long queues were seen outside the Apple stores on the launch dates just to be the first one to buy iPhone. Apple has created a charm and status symbol in the people to have an Apple product. Before the launch of iPhone 4 many different designers made the conceptual images of the phone that may be iPhone 4 would look like this, but everyone was wrong.

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iPhone 5 Concept

Its been just 2 months since the launch of the new iPhone 4 and here we go with the new conceptual image of the iPhone 5 by the iPhone lovers. The most amazing thing the conceptual people made in it is the ultra slim body of the handset. I don’t think so that iPhone will be able to work with this much ultra slim body.

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Mobile Phone Handset with Projector

Is your mobile screen too small to view videos and see the photos. Why do you worry? There are intelligent people out here. The new conceptual mobile phone handset has been documented out which has a built-in projector. Simply point your mobile phone handset towards a wall and yes there you go. Get a huge projection of your mobile screen on the wall. Watch videos, movies and photos on a wide scale.

Here are two photos of this conceptual new mobile phone with projector in it.

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Conceptual Double Touch Screen Slider Mobile

A new conceptual mobile phone handset has been presented. It is a slider mobile phone handset and both the top and the inner part of the mobile is a touch screen. The main Screen and the inner dialpad (usually buttons) are also the touch screen.

Look at the photos of this conceptual dual touch screen slider mobile phone handset.

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