Why I Will Not Buy An Apple iPad

Apple launched their new product Apple iPad on 27th January 2010 which became a hilarious thing in the world instead of being a serious thing. May be Apple wanted it that way to gain attraction from another angle. Everyone is calling it iTampon instead of iPad because it sounds more like a feminine thing. I wonder how Apple can make such a silly mistake by giving it the name ‘iPad’. It’s been almost a week now since the launch and I searched every where and read everything about the product. My final conclusion was, Apple iPad is a useless thing.

Why is Apple iPad a useless product?

Let me list down some of the key points I came up with:

  • Its not a Phone and its not a Laptop. Its something in between both; phone and laptop.
  • [ad#ad-taalz-inpost-right]It does not serve my purpose of a Phone and neither of my Laptop.
  • Why would I carry an additional 10″ huge screen with my Laptop and a Phone?
  • Why shall I dump my existing Phone and Laptop/Netbook and buy just one iPad?
  • Oh, I cannot run the most commonly used applications of a computer system. Yes, its not Windows and even a Mac OS, its just iPhone’s enhanced OS.
  • A netbook runs every common application, so obviously iPad cannot replace my netbook even and the question of replacing a laptop is not a choice either.

These were just some of the points which I came up with. I mean why shall I buy it? Its a total useless thing. Apple wants me to spend $500 on a thing just to play touch-touch? Yes, that’s quite a foolish thing to do so.

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