White Keyboard from Apple

Apple White KeyboardApple is my favourite when it comes to ‘bright new ideas’,whether you are not a Apple fan still you would agree that they are the most inovative and have a very modern approach towards technology.Apple is always in news because of their new ideas.This time their designer Steve Lee came up with a simple yet unique idea.He got the Apple keyboard and turned it all white even the key alphabets are white !!

This is actually confusing,that how would a non-Apple person know where is which key.There is no answer to this question as it is only for geeks who remember the key positions.

Apple White Keyboard-2

But apart from its no-use factor for the non-Apple user,still the white color keyboard would be a definite hit because firstly it looks cool and secondly Apple has some really die hard fans.

The price would not be much than the usual.