MSGPlusLive Beta compatible with Live Messenger 2009

Messenger Plus Live (MSGPlusLive)Its been five days now and still there is no clue about the launch of the MSGPlusLive’s new version for Windows Live Messenger 2009. MSGPlusLive is an add-on to the Microsoft Live Messenger (formally known as Microsoft MSN Messenger) which gives a lot of new features to you for chatting. Yesterday¬†Patchou updated the beta version only. Patchou didn’t release the version 4.8 right away and wanted to have some testing before releasing the final version of MSGPlus Live for the new Windows Live Messenger 2009.

Patchou posted on the news section yesterday that he had only updated the Beta version of the MSGPlusLive 4.8 to be supported with the new Windows Live Messenger 2009 (also known as Windows Live Messenger 14).

Download the MSGPlusLive Beta Version (4.7 build 353)

MSGPlusLive provide many useful features such as:

  • Chat Logs
  • Messenger Skins
  • Tabbed Chat Window
  • Custom Sounds
  • Color and Formatting Chat and Display Names
  • Quick Text
  • Personalized Status Message
  • Contacts on Desktop
  • Messenger Lock
  • Event Logs
  • … and not to forget the Polygamy feature which allows you to run as many Windows Live Messenger as you want.

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