Free PC-to-Phone Call, Anywhere in the World

I just came across a new website service named IconDial. With IconDial you can make PC-to-Phone calls to anywhere, any number in the world and most amazingly, you can also call the mobile phone numbers too. IconDeal plays a short commercial advertisment of 5-to-6 seconds before letting you through the call.

Currently this service offer a limited couple of minutes call duration call to the users and they say that pretty soon they will increase the call duration upto 20minutes per call.

IconDial introduced a new good unique type of voice advertisment. I think now good major companies will come out with this new advertisment techniques pretty soon. But one thing still confuse me that making a phone call to mobile numbers (for example making Free Call to Uk Mobile) costs alot, and with this just short voice advertisment, will they be able to cover up the charges of the call.

I guess this service is a trial service like all the other well known Free PC-to-Phone call services and soon they will put calling rates. Still the best part is, this company is still hoping to provide free calls worldwide. You can call UK Mobile phones for Free, US, Canada, Australia, Europe, Asia; just anywhere in the world.

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