Microsoft Office 14 Screenshots

Microsoft Office 14Microsoft’s upcoming new version of the Microsoft Office is called Microsoft Office 14. Some people also predicts that this new version will be called Microsoft Office System 2009.

This new version of Microsoft Office will contain:

  • Access 14
  • Excel 14
  • Groove 14
  • InfoPath Designer 14
  • InfoPath Filer 14
  • InterConnect 14
  • OneNote 14
  • Outlook 14
  • PowerPoint 14
  • Project 14
  • Publisher 14
  • SharePoint Designer 14
  • Visio 14
  • Word 14

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MSGPlusLive Beta compatible with Live Messenger 2009

Messenger Plus Live (MSGPlusLive)Its been five days now and still there is no clue about the launch of the MSGPlusLive’s new version for Windows Live Messenger 2009. MSGPlusLive is an add-on to the Microsoft Live Messenger (formally known as Microsoft MSN Messenger) which gives a lot of new features to you for chatting. Yesterday¬†Patchou updated the beta version only. Patchou didn’t release the version 4.8 right away and wanted to have some testing before releasing the final version of MSGPlus Live for the new Windows Live Messenger 2009.

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Google Toolbar 5 Beta for Firefox Released

Google Toolbar 5 Beta for FirefoxGoogle has updated the Google Toolbar for Firefox with its new version Google Toolbar 5 Beta. They have introduced four new features with this new toolbar. The most attractive one is the Notebook feature. It is specially good for bloggers and students or research workers. You can collect articles and stuff through this Notebook and then can use it later. Google team say “Clip and Collect Information” about this new feature.

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OmniFocus, Task Manager for iPhone and iPod

OmniFocus for iPhone and iPod TouchOmniFocus for iPhone and iPod touch works great as a stand alone application or in conjunction with OmniFocus for Mac. It’s easy to sync your OmniFocus data between multiple Mac computers and your iPhone using your iDisk if you’re a MobileMe subscriber or a by using a generic WebDAV server.

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Get your own Windows 7 beta product key

Windows 7Windows 7 Beta is a hot issue on the Internet since last two days. Everyone is talking and blogging about it. Since the announcement of Windows 7 beta for public release at CES2009 by the Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer, everyone (including myself) was not able to sleep properly. I had only slept for 5 hours during these last two days and was trying to get my hands on Windows 7 Beta and put it online for my viewers. Here I’ll now guide you on how to get your own Microsoft Windows 7 Product Key (aka Activation Key). Learn about how to download Microsoft Windows 7 beta from official links.

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Activation Keys for Microsoft Windows 7 Beta

Windows 7Alot of you guys might have the links to download the new version of Microsoft Windows – Windows 7 Beta, but don’t have the activation key of it. I have collected alot of keys from different sources and would like to share with you people. After you ¬†download Windows 7 beta, use the following keys to activate it.

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Download Microsoft Windows 7 BETA Public Release x32 and x64 for Free

Windows 7After the public released of Microsoft Windows 7 Beta there is a rush on the microsoft server and creating a fish market. Common people on the Internet have no idea from where to download this new version of Windows. I wonder what kind of public release was that by Microsoft? So I decided to tell you all about how to download Microsoft Windows 7 BETA.

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How to Install Google Chrome 2.0 Beta

How to get Google Chrome 2.0 BetaGoogle yesterday released the Pre-Beta of the new version of their web browser Google Chrome 2.0. People are still curious to know that how they can try out this new Google Chrome 2.0 Beta because alot of new features are introduced in this new version. Google is trying hard and their team is working endless nights to come up with new ideas for their web browser. Its not even been 200 days since the launch of their Google Chrome and they just came up with the version 2.0 beta.

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Google Chrome 2.0 Beta

Google ChromeGoogle yesterday released the newer version of its web browser Google Chrome 2.0 beta. This shows the Google team who is working on the web browser project is working like a horse 24/7 to bring out something much better. At the full release of Google Chrome browser everyone in the IT industry was surprised that within just 100 days of the Google Chrome BETA, Google removed the Beta tag. Google Chorme web browser is still pre-mature. There are still many flaws in the browsers. As compared to the other browsers like MSIE and Mozilla Firefox; Google Chrome is still trying.

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Windows 7 will have three versions: Netbook, Consumer, Enterprise

Windows 7Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 7 (Se7en, Seven) is expected to launch by Janurary 2010. Microsoft announched that there will be three different type of Windows 7 – NetBook, Consumer, and Enterprise version. This new version only have seven major changes from the previous Windows Vista operating system. Taskbar is the major center of attraction for everyone.

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