Google’s New Instant Search Result – Better or Not?

Google the world’s biggest search engine is always looking for new techniques and try different algorithms for the searchers to reach the closest results what they are looking for. Google index the most number of websites in their search and it is increasing monthly by huge numbers. Google yesterday announced a new way “Google Instant” for searching.

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Google Chrome OS Tablet PC, Video

Just after few days of the launch of Apple iPad which is Apple’s tablet PC, Google Chromium – the developer team of Google Chrome OS launched a conceptual video of their Tablet PC. Things seems to be quite rising up in the market. But frankly I don’t see any point of buying Apple iPad, then why would I wait for Google Tablet PC? Its not a PC, its not a Mobile Phone, Its not a Laptop. Its something in between and does not fulfill any of my needs. So, here is the video of the conceptual Google Tablet which appears to be very much the same as Apple iPad.

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Comparison of Google, Microsoft, Apple and Yahoo

There are currently four giants in the IT Industry which are competing with each other in one or an other way. One starts to work on something and the other markets something else but much more attractive for the consumers. Sometimes I see all of them going on different directions to attract as many users as they can. For instance, Apple started to attract consumers with their Music gadget iPod and then came into the competition with a bigger and better version of the operating system to compete Microsoft, and Microsoft already holding the biggest market of operating system with Windows now jumps in with Microsoft Zune for music lovers.

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HTC Smartphone Prices Reduced upto US$280

HTC today announced the new prices of their smartphones and have reduced the prices to a great number. The prices of HTC handsets are reduced by US$150 to $280. It might be because of the launch of Google Nexus One that is costing US$529 (unlocked).

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Google is not safe for children

I was waiting for my Pizza and didn’t had anything to do, so decided to check out google. I started searching for different things. First I tried searching my name and found out that Talal Masood appears on the top of google search suggestion result. Later, I was searching the Internet and came across a blog about the google search suggestions and found out that Google is not save for children anymore.

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Create 3D Buildings Using Google SketchUp

Google Sketchup ProGoogle SketchUp is software that can be used to assemble 3D illustration of  anything like a house, a building or other equipments. Google SketchUp facilitate its users by making them able to design their own houses, rooms, kitchens or a company can use it to design and construct its own building and its overall arrangements. It also has the facility to create simulations and then users can share them with their friends.

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How Google Public DNS is Different from OpenDNS?

Google LogoGoogle recently introduced the Google Public DNS for everyone. No matter where you live, you can simply use their IP addresses for your server.

  • Google IP addresses are really much easier to remember than OpenDNS.
  • Google Public DNS implements pre-fetching, thereby increase DNS response. Ping time (Google DNS Server) – 116ms , Resolving time (Google DNS Server) -262 msec
  • Google Public DNS provides more security by preventing DNS spoofing attacks.
  • Google Open DNS gets the valid Website contents; it further provides no Content Blocking, no Redirection of invalid pages and no Filtering.

Google Introduced Public DNS Service

Google LogoGoogle Public DNS is a free domain resolution service that anyone can use as an alternative to current DNS provider. The concept behind Google Public DNS is Google uses only two addresses: and The routing system simply delivers packets addressed to either address to the closest Google Public DNS location. So users in different places around the world will be talking to different instances of these addresses, making for faster round-trip times, which is important for good DNS performance.

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Google Wave Invite Winner

Google Wave LogoFour days ago I started a lucky draw kind of thing to invite two people randomly for the Google Wave. So now I’m going to announce the name of the two lucky winners who won the invitation. I used a fair method to take out the names of those two lucky persons. I created a list of all the people who commented on my blog post “Win Google Wave Invitation For Free” in a MS Excel file. And then used the formulae to show up a random name from the list. I have also uploaded this random name selection MS Excel file here so that you people can see it too.

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