41 Megapixel Camera Smartphone Nokia 808 PureView, 1.3GHz CPU and Nokia Belle OS

Nokia today on World Mobile Conference 2012 announced an amazing new smartphone. The only thing that you have to hear about this phone is “41 megapixel camera“. Yes, this is Nokia 808 PureView. To-date we only have 8megapixel cameras rolling out the market with the smartphones, and just couple of them got 16 megapixel. Nokia just got the break through from all the phone manufacturers and introduced the biggest megapixel camera sensor in a phone ever.

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Hands on: Huawei Honor First Look – 1.4GHz CPU, 8MP Camera, 4″ Screen Android Smartphone

Huawei is soon striking the market of Mobile phone industry with an honor. Yes, the top of the range new Android based smart is named “Huawei Honor” with the blazing 1.4GHz CPU Processor power and 512MB of RAM. The 4 inches huge screen with 16million colors good resolution makes the screen look quite sharp. For photography lovers the phone is equipped with 8 megapixel camera. Luckily PickMore got the hands on this high end smartphone by Huawei and feels honored too! Note: These photos of Huawei Honor are of the sample handset, and things may change in the final release.

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HTC ChaCha Review – Ever Best QWERTY Keyboard Smartphone

HTC is trying to cater up all the different users market with their variety of smartphones. They introduced number of handsets with Android operating systems and were also the first ones to make Google’s branded smartphone handset. There are different type of smartphone lovers, some like touch screen, some go with the numeric keypad and there are some who love the QWERTY keypad. Yes! HTC ChaCha is for QWERTY Keyboard lovers.

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HTC EVO 3D: Review

HTC has proved it with this new handset that they are not lacking behind from to-date technology. I would just say “let’s throw away the stereoscopic glasses” because the technology is changing. HTC EVO 3D and LG Optimus 3D are the two handsets which were invested wisely and changed the way a smartphone has to be. HTC has set up new dimensions in the mobile industry to build the 3D glasses free mobile phone handsets.

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Samsung Galaxy S II Launching in Last Week Of April 2011

On 13th Feb, 2011 Samsung announced the new Samsung Galaxy S2 at Mobile World Congress 2011, since then the news about the new handset started rolling out. On the same day the specifications of Galaxy S2 were leaked and later the photos started coming in. The news started falling in later that Samsung has decided to upgrade the processor from 1Ghz dual-core to 1.2Ghz dual-core.

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Samsung Manufactured Google Nexus S Android Gingerbread Phone

I think the Super AMOLED screen has worked out great for Samsung and everyone is liking it. The display of Super AMOLED is seriously amazing and gives a crystal clear image. May be this is the reason that Google has decided to try out Samsung for their next upcoming Nexus S handset.

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Nokia’s Most Hyped Smartphone Nokia N8

I wrote an article a month ago that will I buy Nokia N8 or E7 and I preferred buying Nokia N8. The condition was only that, if I am going to buy a Symbian phone. Otherwise, if I have an open choice, obviously I will not look at the 680mhz processor of N8, rather go for someone 1ghz processor smartphone with more ram and features; may be Android based. Nokia was one of the best cellphone manufacturer once.

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Android Acer Liquid Metal Smartphone

Acer UK is stepping in with its Android based smartphone later this year. The expected date of the release is somewhere in the month of October, but Acer has not confirmed anything yet. I guess, if not the worldwide release, Acer will be releasing this Android 2.2 Froyo mobile phone in the UK within October 2010. The expected specifications are mentioned below.

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HTC Smartphone Prices Reduced upto US$280

HTC today announced the new prices of their smartphones and have reduced the prices to a great number. The prices of HTC handsets are reduced by US$150 to $280. It might be because of the launch of Google Nexus One that is costing US$529 (unlocked).

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