How to Play Divx, Avi, MKV, Mp4 on Android Phone?

Many people with some Android handsets are having problem that they are not able to play their downloaded DVDRip movies and their whole collection just went into the bin. Their Android handset is not supporting avi, mkv, mp4 or divx format. Samsung Galaxy S I guess is the only Android handset which has a DIVX support by default in it, and from now on new handsets will have this support. Previous handsets do not support it, so here is a guide on how to play avi, mkv, mp4, divx and other video file formats on Android.

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New Philips GoGear Ariaz Portable Media Player

New Philips GoGear Ariaz Portable Media Player

Portable Media Player (PMP) are really nice gadgets because you can see movies and play music/mp3/songs where ever you go. Teenagers mostly love these stuff, and that is why companies are now focusing on this target market. Philips introduced the new GoGear Ariaz PMP. The new PMP is all set to drive a good traffic toward itself, as there are plenty of nice new and cool features of it. Portable Mp3 and Portable Video Players are the gadgets which everyone will carry in the future all the time.

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VLC Media Player 0.9

Playing video files of different types is a problem for the generic Windows Media Player. You need different codec to play files such as .avi files which are converted using XViD or DiVX or any other such type of encoders. So VLC Media Player (VideoLAN) is one of the best players that I came across.

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