Nokia’s Most Hyped Smartphone Nokia N8

I wrote an article a month ago that will I buy Nokia N8 or E7 and I preferred buying Nokia N8. The condition was only that, if I am going to buy a Symbian phone. Otherwise, if I have an open choice, obviously I will not look at the 680mhz processor of N8, rather go for someone 1ghz processor smartphone with more ram and features; may be Android based. Nokia was one of the best cellphone manufacturer once.

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Will I Buy Nokia N8 or Nokia E7?

The first question even that comes before the one I mentioned in the title is whether I am going to buy a symbian smartphone or not? I guess, my question to is only validated if and only if I’m ready to buy a symbian phone. By the way, Android powered smartphones are on my first priority list. So, will it be Nokia N8 or E7 is the real question. Following the comparison of both the phones.

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