Windows 7 will have three versions: Netbook, Consumer, Enterprise

Windows 7Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 7 (Se7en, Seven) is expected to launch by Janurary 2010. Microsoft announched that there will be three different type of Windows 7 – NetBook, Consumer, and Enterprise version. This new version only have seven major changes from the previous Windows Vista operating system. Taskbar is the major center of attraction for everyone.

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Finally Windows Live Messenger 2009 (Wave 3) is out of Beta

windows-live-messenger-2009-aboutThe long awaited Microsoft Windows Live Messenger 2009 is launched today. This new messenger is the part of the Windows Live Wave 3. The release of Live Wave 3 was announced yesterday at CES2009 by Microsoft. The personalized homepage of Live has also changed. It is not just a simple blog type or news type of page anymore. is more of a social network type of site. You can see your emails, friends activity, see your blog posts and even your twitter, stumbleupon and other web events.

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Microsoft XBox Live Future in 2009

xbox liveAt CES2009 today Microsoft presented the new upcoming features of XBox Live. Microsoft has already sold 17 Million Xbox Live across the world till year 2008. The upcoming title of Microsoft Xbox’s most astonishing game “HALO” will have two different kind of games.

  • HALO Wars – which is a stretigical game, not the one you have already played.  It will be available in the market by Feb. 28th, 2009.
  • The other title is HALO 3 ODST – this is the known type of game that you have already experienced in the previous version. It will be out in somewhere Spring 2009.

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Microsoft Mediaroom an InternetTV

Microsoft Mediaroom

CES2009, was a big day for Microsoft. Microsoft introduced some most amazing and penominal products in software and hardware both. Microsoft Mediaroom was one of them. Microsoft Mediaroom is an Interactive Internet TV which Microsoft is launching. People don’t want to just see the TV Shows anymore. Microsoft had a collaboration with SingaTel and MIO to provide the communcational service for Mediaroom

CES2009, this year’s first high tech event

International CES2009, Los Vegas USA - LVCCYears and years passing by with a new invention or discovery being made on the daily basis. The year 2009 brings the first high tech event in Los Vegas, USA. CES2009 was a breaking event for the high tech society and fans today. Microsoft, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Sony, Cisco, Sharp, Casio, Toshiba, NetGet, AudioVox, and many more electonics and technology giant companies are there with exciting and the real 21st century products for the consumers.

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How to backup Microsoft Windows Registry

Windows RegistryWindows Registry is the main back-end source where all the information of the Windows operating system is saved, such as the appearance properties, user passwords, administrative tool properties, etc. In short if you ask me what is the Windows Registry then I would say that it is a database that store the properties of each component and software of Windows operating system. When you install any software or application, it’s properties are set the Windows Registry. So sometimes if there is some malfunctioning in the windows the advance users can open the Windows Register Editor and fix the problems manually.

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Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 Launch Delayed

Microsoft delayed the launch of their new web browser Internet Explorer 8.0 and said that in the first quarter of the next year they will first release its newer update version after the beta and beta 2 release which is generally called “release candidate”. Microsoft IE8 RC1 is expected to hit the market in the first three months of year 2009.

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USB 3.0 to be supported on Windows Vista at least

Los Angeles, November 9, 2008: For those of you unaware Microsoft’s talk last Thursday at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference centered around the delays in the finalization of specifications of USB 3.0. The expected final specifications are to be announced in San Jose, Calif., on November 17.

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Yahoo CEO says, Microsoft must buy Yahoo!

At Web 2.0 summit in San Francisco, California, Yahoo’s chief executive Jerry Yang said “To this day the best thing for Microsoft to do is buy Yahoo….”. This statement of Yahoo’s top leading executive once again shook the Internet and IT Industry.

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