Torch Flashlight For Apple iPhone 4, Free App

Torch is sometimes very necessary thing when you are on the road alone, and your car breaks down, or you lose something on the walk back home in the night around the corner of the next block. Apple iPhone 4 has an application called LED Torch Flashlight. You can download this app for free.

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Apple iPhone 4 is flop, admit it!

Apple became one of the biggest gadget company by selling out the largest number of mp3 portable player Apple iPod and later introduced a similar looking phone called iPhone. During the past couple of years Apple held a unique place in the mobile phone user market with the most stylish handphone. HTC became the second company to introduce the stylish touch screen mobile phones. But as soon as Google came into action, Apple goes down.

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iCar Remote a Fake Apple iPhone App

Apple iCar Remote iPhone AppAs you all already know that Apple iPhone and iPod are the hottest gadgets of this decade. The best part of these gadgets is that you can put new apps in it and get more out of it. Millions of developers around the world are working daily on developing new apps for iPhone and iPod. Yesterday I came across a very unique app called “iCar Remote”. I saw its video on youtube and I was stunned that can iPhone really do this? It was kind of impossible.

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Apple iPhone 3GS Launching on 19th June 2009

iPhone 3Gs at WWDC 2009Finally Apple has announced the date for the launch of the new Apple iPhone 3GS on the WWDC 2009. WWDC is “World Wide Developers Conference” which is held every year. Apple’s vice president Phil Schiller at the Apple keynotes announced the launch of the new iPhone. The OS of the phone is upgraded and is the 3rd version which is quite common to ears now, the “iPhone 3.0”. Apple is launching iPhone without Steve Jobs.

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Dell iPhone Killer Prototype Rejected by Mobile Carriers

Dell LogoIt’s been over a year now that rumors are heard that Dell is going to launch a mobile phone which dell claims to be an Apple iPhone Killer. Today one of the analyst Shaw Wu said that Dell actually built a mobile phone and it was not a rumor. Dell is one of the biggest PC and Laptop manufacturers of the world and after releasing a portable media player Dell Digital Jukebox Circa 2003 to compete iPod, now Dell is targeting iPhone.

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Google Analytics App for iPhone

Google Analytics App for iPhoneiPhone users now can check their website’s statistics though Google Analytics using an iPhone app called “Analytics App”. Now there is no need to get on your computer to check the daily statistics of your website by logging in to the Google Analytics website. Analytics App for iPhone gives you the facility to check your Google Analytics account on the move from your iPhone. You can view all your web site’s statistics from your iPhone using this Google Analytics App.

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HYmini is an Amazing Device Charger

HYminiCharging our gadgets with solar energy is a heard about thing but have you ever heard of charging your devices with with wind !!.The HYmini is one thing which can take the market by storm.Its a stylish charger for all your 5v devices.It can either be charged via the sun or by wind.

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Solar-Powered iPhone Charger, SOLiCharger

SoliCharger Solar-Powered iPhone ChargerSolLight introduced a solar power charged rechargable seperate battery for iPhone, iPod and iPod-Touch. SOLiCharger battery provides 50% full charged backup to your Apple iPhone, iPod or iPod-Touch. The charger connects to the iPhone terminal and there is no need cord or anything.

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Doodle Kids an iPhone App developed by 9 years old boy

Doodle KidsDoodle Kids is a new Apple iPhone application which is designed by a 9 years old boy. Lim Ding Wen a 9 years old boy student from Singapore. Lim said that he made this Application for his younger sisters who are 3 and 5 years old. Doodle Kids is an Application for children who likes to draw and paint. Doodle Kids allow you to draw/paint using your fingers and then to clear the screen you need to shake the screen.

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