Microsoft To Buy Adobe

Adobe, one of the biggest name in the media design IT company which few years back acquired Macromedia which introduced Flash in to the Internet website industry. Microsoft and Adobe CEOs met today in a secret meeting were some high level discussions where made which are still behind the curtain and unknown to us so far.

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iPhone 4 Conceptual Phones Before The Actual Launch

iPhone is one of the most talked about mobile phone since last few years. Long queues were seen outside the Apple stores on the launch dates just to be the first one to buy iPhone. Apple has created a charm and status symbol in the people to have an Apple product. Before the launch of iPhone 4 many different designers made the conceptual images of the phone that may be iPhone 4 would look like this, but everyone was wrong.

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iOS 4.2 Beta 2 for iPhone, iPod & iPad

Developers can now download Apple iOS 4.2 Beta 2 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. The beta 2 version is available for developers of iOS only who have enrolled themselves as developers on Apple developer platform.

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Apple 27″ LED Cinema vs Dell 30″ UltraSharp U3011 LCD Monitor

Apple started selling their new state of the art LED Cinema Display Monitor of 27-inches screen size. The monitor is all in one type of screen with USB, Charger, Camera, Mic, Speakers and the price is just $999. On the other hand Dell introduced the new 30-inches screen with 2560 x 1600 pixel resolution for $1499.

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Google Launching Music Services Like iTunes

Google as we all know is the biggest company in the field of Internet with so many online services and the best part is most of them are free. Yesterday an article on Billboard gave us an idea about the new services soon going to start by¬†Google – Yes! it’s Google Music. Google has started circulating a proposal along major record companies for starting up a Music services.

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iPod touch looks like Meizu M9II

Jack Wong, CEO of Meizu right after the Apple keynote announced that the iPod Touch looks very similar to Meizu M9II and looks like the copy of it. Now the most strangest thought coming to my mind is that Meizu has not even released the M9 which is due in October 2010, and is talking about M9II.

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iPhone 5 Concept

Its been just 2 months since the launch of the new iPhone 4 and here we go with the new conceptual image of the iPhone 5 by the iPhone lovers. The most amazing thing the conceptual people made in it is the ultra slim body of the handset. I don’t think so that iPhone will be able to work with this much ultra slim body.

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Torch Flashlight For Apple iPhone 4, Free App

Torch is sometimes very necessary thing when you are on the road alone, and your car breaks down, or you lose something on the walk back home in the night around the corner of the next block. Apple iPhone 4 has an application called LED Torch Flashlight. You can download this app for free.

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Apple iPhone 4 is flop, admit it!

Apple became one of the biggest gadget company by selling out the largest number of mp3 portable player Apple iPod and later introduced a similar looking phone called iPhone. During the past couple of years Apple held a unique place in the mobile phone user market with the most stylish handphone. HTC became the second company to introduce the stylish touch screen mobile phones. But as soon as Google came into action, Apple goes down.

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Why I Will Not Buy An Apple iPad

Apple launched their new product Apple iPad on 27th January 2010 which became a hilarious thing in the world instead of being a serious thing. May be Apple wanted it that way to gain attraction from another angle. Everyone is calling it iTampon instead of iPad because it sounds more like a feminine thing. I wonder how Apple can make such a silly mistake by giving it the name ‘iPad’. It’s been almost a week now since the launch and I searched every where and read everything about the product. My final conclusion was, Apple iPad is a useless thing.

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