Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Launching Tomorrow at SXSW

Microsoft has finally decide to launch Internet Explorer 9 on SXSW tomorrow 14th March 2011. According to Microsoft it is going to be a year of Internet Explorer for the PC users. MSIE9 took quite a long time to release and Microsoft released beta and RC versions before finally launching to make sure the users get exactly what they need.

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Microsoft Nokia Partnership, Joint Press Conference Video

Steve Ballmer (CEO, Microsoft) and Stephen Elop (CEO, Nokia) today (11th Feb. 2011) had a joint press conference. The conference started at 2AM PST and ended up at 2:45AM PST, in which they announced their new joint venture to work together. Nokia will have Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system as their core OS for the next generation smartphones. Watch the recorded webcast of the press conference here.

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Download Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 RC x86 and x64

Microsoft just released the Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate after quite a long time since the release of the beta version of MSIE9. There are some changes to the interface of MSIE9RC too beside some back end technical issues. Microsoft is getting a very tough time in browser industry because of their biggest competitor Mozilla Firefox and now to come extend Google Chrome.

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Windows Live Messenger Showing All Contacts Offline, How to fix guide?

Today I faced a strange problem with my Windows Live Messenger. All my contacts appeared offline but actually they were online. I was receiving the messages from them but I wasn’t able to reply them. I thought may be there is some problem with my Messenger. I restarted my computer, even re-installed windows live messenger 2011 but still the problem was there.

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How to hide Microsoft Outlook in System Tray

When I am in office, I had to keep my MS Outlook open all the time for the emails. The most annoying this to me was that MS Outlook used to take space in my windows taskbar and makes it so hard for me to work. My workspace used to get limited with it. So I tried to figure out how to minimize Microsoft Outlook into the system tray so that it does not appear on my taskbar. Finally I got the solution and it was too simple.

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Bing & Yahoo Will Search From Facebook?

Microsoft developed the bing search engine and marketed it at extreme so that they could somehow come close to the search engine market of google. Microsoft also made a deal with Yahoo! the second biggest search engine which is now ‘powered by BING’. After all this, we are still able to see more things coming in from Microsoft for the bing network.

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Microsoft To Buy Adobe

Adobe, one of the biggest name in the media design IT company which few years back acquired Macromedia which introduced Flash in to the Internet website industry. Microsoft and Adobe CEOs met today in a secret meeting were some high level discussions where made which are still behind the curtain and unknown to us so far.

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Microsoft IE Users Dropping, Firefox Is Rising

Even after the launch of IE9 Beta by Microsoft, still the market trend of IE is falling greatly every month. Last year in September IE held the market with about 60% users, whereas this year it has dropped below 50%. IE8 was pretty good, but the new IE9 Beta is extremely better than the last one. Microsoft is trying to get back into the market with their new IE9.

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Download Windows Live Messenger 2011 for WinXP is Not Available

Yesterday I wrote an article “Windows Live Essential 2011 for Windows XP is not supported”, and I got lots of people mailing me and asking me that can we download and run new windows live messenger 2011 on XP? People come on! Windows Live Messenger is the part of Windows Live Essential.

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Windows Essential 2011 for Windows XP, Not Supported

Windows Live Messenger 2011, Movie Maker 2011, Photo Gallery 2011 – Yes if you are on windows XP you cannot use these new amazing products by Microsoft Windows Live Essential. Everyone out there with Windows XP is very much annoyed and left alone with this step of Microsoft, that they didn’t give the product on their every best selling operating system.

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