Jake Foley’s Design for the Apple Bicycle

Apple Bicycle DesignApple always gets its name up with new and innovative stuff.Designer Jake Foley has designed a beautiful and very inspiring Apple Bicycle.The design has a Apple scroll to connect with your iPod Nano,a hard-case for your Laptop and few more classy features to add up.
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Solar-Powered iPhone Charger, SOLiCharger

SoliCharger Solar-Powered iPhone ChargerSolLight introduced a solar power charged rechargable seperate battery for iPhone, iPod and iPod-Touch. SOLiCharger battery provides 50% full charged backup to your Apple iPhone, iPod or iPod-Touch. The charger connects to the iPhone terminal and there is no need cord or anything.

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Doodle Kids an iPhone App developed by 9 years old boy

Doodle KidsDoodle Kids is a new Apple iPhone application which is designed by a 9 years old boy. Lim Ding Wen a 9 years old boy student from Singapore. Lim said that he made this Application for his younger sisters who are 3 and 5 years old. Doodle Kids is an Application for children who likes to draw and paint. Doodle Kids allow you to draw/paint using your fingers and then to clear the screen you need to shake the screen.

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iPhone Ghost Camera Application

Ghost IllustrationDo you like to scare your friends ? This new iPhone application would sure help you do it more effectively.The Ghost Camera Application enables you to add ghosts into your videos and also in your pictures.This application is a must have becuase its all fun ;).Below you can see the video

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White Keyboard from Apple

Apple White KeyboardApple is my favourite when it comes to ‘bright new ideas’,whether you are not a Apple fan still you would agree that they are the most inovative and have a very modern approach towards technology.Apple is always in news because of their new ideas.This time their designer Steve Lee came up with a simple yet unique idea.He got the Apple keyboard and turned it all white even the key alphabets are white !!

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Bluetribe – Bluetooth Headphones for iPod & iPhone

Headphones illustrationBluetooth technology surely has revolutionized the way we use our devices.It enables us to do our work hands free and wireless too.I am music fan and do listen to a lot of music,and the one thing i can’t afford to live without are my headphones.But sometimes the wire around it disturbs me.A Japanese company Sigma-Apo has launched a headphone which not only works with your computer but also with your iPod and iPhone.
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Digital Media Reciever for iPhone & iPOD

Alpine's iXA-W404Here is another ad-on gadget for your iPod and iPhone.Alpine’s first touch screen digital media receiver iXA-W404 helps you manage your songs and play from it.The media receiver is very classy and looks high-tech.The touch-screen feature is the major attraction for this good looking gadget.It has a 4.3inch QVGA screen which guarantees an easy file management.

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World’s Most Expensive Apple iPhone

World's Most Expensive iPhone 3GAn Australian jeweler Peter Aloisson¬†got the honor of making the world’s most expensive iPhone handset by putting up jewels on it. He named this new iPhone as iPhone 3G King of Button which is made up of 18-carat yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. The boards of the iPhone are covered with the best 138 diamonds. The outer layer of the boarder is of rose gold, then the diamonds are places and then the inner layer of yellow gold.

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OmniFocus, Task Manager for iPhone and iPod

OmniFocus for iPhone and iPod TouchOmniFocus for iPhone and iPod touch works great as a stand alone application or in conjunction with OmniFocus for Mac. It’s easy to sync your OmniFocus data between multiple Mac computers and your iPhone using your iDisk if you’re a MobileMe subscriber or a by using a generic WebDAV server.

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