6 Online Web Tools To Create Water Effect on Images

Pickmore Logo Water EffectPlaying with pictures and images had always been a fun. When I first started using computer and especially Internet I too used to look for sources where I can find cool images, photographs and pictures. Beside just keeping the pictures saved, one also likes to edit them. The very first and the most attractive effect of all time on images is the water ripples effect. If you are not good with graphics and if you are a layman with computers still you don’t need to worry now. Now you can put the water effect on your images, pictures and photos online without knowing anything. Simply browse your photos and there you go!

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MindFreak or David Blaine

David Blaine (Left) and Chris Angel (Right)
David Blaine (Left) and Chris Angel (Right)

Now this fight is going for ages now,who is the best magician Chriss Angel or David Blaine.For real,these two are outstanding magicians and its really very hard to tell who is the best.Chris Angel aka.MindFreak has a very gothic sense of magic and on the other hand David Blaine goes with the normal cool image.But the fan base of these is almost equal and we can never say who is leading. These two have seperate TV shows,here are two eye poping videos of the both.

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