Watch Apple iPad 2 TV Commercial

Apple released their iPad 2 TV Commercial now after the release of their product. This TV commercial shows a sophisticated, dramatic and useful Apple iPad 2 which is thin, fast and handy. They showed a baby writing the digit “2” with his finger to show that it can be used by a children and showed an MRI scanned image of brain which shows that even an adult can use it for his purpose. Watch the iPad 2 TV commercial below

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Motorola Hits Back on Apple with XOOM in Super Bowl Commercial

Motorola created hype for its new tablet since quite long with the new Android tablet OS version honeycomb. Apple last year launched the iPad which gave a new dimension to the gadgets line. Later Samsung launched the Galaxy Tab Android based tablet and became the direct competitor with Apple iPad. Dell also launched Dell Streak which is Windows 7 based. Now Motorola is striking with its Tablet.

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