Solar Powered VE09 Blister Radio

Solar Powered VE09 Blister RadioThe next big thing is most definitely the next big thing and there is certain rise of green products now. Auto industry is up to making some green cars as well as the mobile industry is coming up with great green mobiles. The most used gadgets, are music players like Apple iPod which are mostly used by teenagers. So whats better than targeting the music players and making them all green. Designer Klaus Rosburg comes up with a green idea of a radio. The radio would have a transparent look and it would be made up from PLA which is a s biodegradable, thermoplastic, aliphatic polyester extracted  from renewable resources like cornstarch and sugarcane.

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Solar-Powered iPhone Charger, SOLiCharger

SoliCharger Solar-Powered iPhone ChargerSolLight introduced a solar power charged rechargable seperate battery for iPhone, iPod and iPod-Touch. SOLiCharger battery provides 50% full charged backup to your Apple iPhone, iPod or iPod-Touch. The charger connects to the iPhone terminal and there is no need cord or anything.

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