Feeding America And Microsoft Working Together for Hungary People

Microsoft LogoMicrosoft have started a campaign for the poor and hungry people of United States of America , the campaign is named as Feed the Hungry.Well , users can see this advertise on the main page of MSN website.When user click on the advertise then an another window is opened with the name of “Browse for the better“.

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Windows 7 RC Downloads End On Thursday, August 20, 2009

Microsoft Windows 7 LogoToday, one of my friend asked me for Windows 7 RC and while browsing through Microsoft website I came to know that Microsoft is shutting down the downloads for Windows 7 RC on August 20 , 2009.

Microsoft website says:

Downloads will be available until August 20, 2009. After that, you can still install the RC and you can get a product key if you need one.

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World’s First Electric Powered Garbage Van

Garbage Van in UK that runs on GarbageIn this whole recession environment, every country is looking for an alternative power and fuel energy sources. Some countries are producing electricity by the formal wind energy, and some are using the solar power. Solar powered mobile phones, and solar powered cars are made to reduce fuel consumption. A small town in UK has transformed the way they used to collect garbage. They run the garbage collection vans by the garbage they collect. This is really an interesting story as this can change the whole way we look at garbage thrown out from our houses. The garbage is recycled to produce electric energy to power up the van’s batteries

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Paul Hox is a Robot for Design Making

Robot IllustrationTechnology today is a great asset for mankind as it enables us to do so many things which we didn’t imagined to do so.The most important and worked out in technology are the robots,to achieve a 100% IQ like humans so they can behave like us.So is there any harm if one day the robots take over us in everything !!.This is a question which is very much debatable,but i don’t want to get into all this.Paul Hox is a robot designed by Objetgraphik,to make exclusive and unique designs.Something human artists do with perfection !!

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Xobni 4024 beta

Xobni is a plug-in for Outlook. With the help of Xobni you can search your emails and people quite fast. Whatever you are looking for immediately popups up as you type. For instance you are searching for the emails from ‘Jones’. Start typing Jones and automatically as you type the alphabets the search result starts to filter out.

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