Panasonic 1-inch thick wireless plasma TV

Panasonic - TC P54Z1 VIERA Plasma TVOn the Panasonic press conference at CES2009 LVCC, Panasonic shook the audience with the thinnest plasma TV. The new Panasonic 1-inch thick only plasma television. The most important part is, it is wireless. This new Z1 VIERA Television is the real Panasonic’s “ideas for life”. It is not yet confirmed that how this wireless thing will work, because the only part on which Panasonic was comprehending is the Super Thin 1″ thick TV.

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Panasonic introduces two new Blu-ray players with BD-Live


Panasonic Corporation of North America has shown off two new Blu-ray players, the DMP-BD35 and DMP-BD55, at this year’s CEDIA Convention. While both devices offer improvements in video and audio with enhancements such as “True-to-Life Colors” and HD Audio Decoders (Dolby┬« TrueHD, Dolby┬« Digital Plus and DTSTM-HD Master Audio Essential), one of the most anticipated features, for the general consumer, has to be the included BD-Live support.

With a BD-Live capable player and a Blu-ray movie which also supports the feature, viewers can use their Blu-ray player to connect to the internet to download additional subtitles, images related to the movie, and other digital content. In addition to such bonus features, users will also be able to take part in interactive games, including multiplayer games, which are linked to bonus content related to the movie.