How Google Public DNS is Different from OpenDNS?

Google LogoGoogle recently introduced the Google Public DNS for everyone. No matter where you live, you can simply use their IP addresses for your server.

  • Google IP addresses are really much easier to remember than OpenDNS.
  • Google Public DNS implements pre-fetching, thereby increase DNS response. Ping time (Google DNS Server) – 116ms , Resolving time (Google DNS Server) -262 msec
  • Google Public DNS provides more security by preventing DNS spoofing attacks.
  • Google Open DNS gets the valid Website contents; it further provides no Content Blocking, no Redirection of invalid pages and no Filtering.

Google Introduced Public DNS Service

Google LogoGoogle Public DNS is a free domain resolution service that anyone can use as an alternative to current DNS provider. The concept behind Google Public DNS is Google uses only two addresses: and The routing system simply delivers packets addressed to either address to the closest Google Public DNS location. So users in different places around the world will be talking to different instances of these addresses, making for faster round-trip times, which is important for good DNS performance.

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