Microsoft “Windows.Next” Coming After Windows 7

Microsoft’s project manager on 31st Jan. 2010 posted a blog post on MSDN and then removed it. In that post he mentioned about the success of Windows 7 and wrote about how Microsoft was successful in meeting the requirements and wants of their consumers through Windows 7. In my opinion Windows 7 was really a success and people actually loved the efficiency of Windows beside the awesome appearance.

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Comparison of Google, Microsoft, Apple and Yahoo

There are currently four giants in the IT Industry which are competing with each other in one or an other way. One starts to work on something and the other markets something else but much more attractive for the consumers. Sometimes I see all of them going on different directions to attract as many users as they can. For instance, Apple started to attract consumers with their Music gadget iPod and then came into the competition with a bigger and better version of the operating system to compete Microsoft, and Microsoft already holding the biggest market of operating system with Windows now jumps in with Microsoft Zune for music lovers.

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Microsoft Windows 8 Concept, Releasing in 2012

Windows 8 Conceptual LogoA month ago Microsoft released their new version of operating system, “Microsoft Windows 7”. Now after just one month of time people are curious to know how would the next version of Windows look like. So far in the history of Microsoft after Windows 98 the best operating system had been Windows XP. Now after the launch of this new Windows 7 operating system people are quite happy with the performance.

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Windows XP/Vista/7 Run Commands

Microsoft Windows LogoMany people sometimes use the RUN option in the start menu of Windows to execute certain applications. The advance users prefer typing with keyboards instead of using the mouse clicks. It is easy to just simply launch some application from the run menu rather than holding your mouse over to some menu and then click, click and click. For instance, I dont go to the Start Menu, All Programs, Accessories and then open Paint. Instead what I do is, I simply open start menu and type mspaint in the RUN command line and enter – there you go. Similarly for launching the calculator, I simply type calc in the RUN command line.

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How To: Windows Live Download, Offline Installer

Microsoft Windows Live LogoWindows Live which includes; Messenger, Mail, Writer, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker, Toolbar, Family Safe and Silverlight is installed using an Online installer from Many people don’t like this way of running the installation process online. Rather they prefer to download everything before and then install it from their own computer.

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Windows7 Launch Video, New York 22nd October 2009

Microsoft Windows 7 LogoWindows 7 the most awaited operating system and the proud statement rose again “I’m A PC”. Microsoft has struck hard and produced the best operating system after Windows XP. Microsoft says that Windows 7 will become more famous and more successful than Windows XP which is still the widely used operating system on a PC. According to the reporter of CNET, Microsoft emphasised more on their Windows 7 product during the launching ceremony as compared to the two years ago launch of Windows Vista. Here is the full keynote video of 22nd October 2009 Windows 7 Launch in New York City – USA.

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How to: Windows Live Messenger Appear in Taskbar of Windows 7

Windows Live Messenger LogoToday I finally installed Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate and enjoying it. The only problem that was annoying me was the Windows Live Messenger in Windows 7. When I used to login/run Windows Live Messenger, it used to appear in the full start menu bar instead of going down in the task-bar near the clock. The huge tab of Windows 7 was disturbing me when I was running lots of applications.

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Windows Live Messenger Strange Pop Up Message? Linked with Twitter and Facebook?

Microsoft Windows Live LogoYesterday when I logged in to my Windows Live Messenger a popup window opened and had a strange things on it. Usually such kind of text is found on the web templates which was written on it. The date mentioned on that popup message was “September 2008” and then I clicked the Learn More button, it took me to

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Feeding America And Microsoft Working Together for Hungary People

Microsoft LogoMicrosoft have started a campaign for the poor and hungry people of United States of America , the campaign is named as Feed the Hungry.Well , users can see this advertise on the main page of MSN website.When user click on the advertise then an another window is opened with the name of “Browse for the better“.

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Delay Your Activation For 3 Months In Windows 7

Microsoft Windows 7 LogoI am using Windows 7 and having problem with activation because i have downloaded Windows 7 from torrent.So , after every three hours I have got a message from my windows in the shape of a pop-up which appears from the taskbar and shows “Activate Now”. Continue reading “Delay Your Activation For 3 Months In Windows 7”