11 Golden Rules by Bill Gates

Bill GatesBill Gates has a very young approach towards life,and his ever so smiling face reflects that.Recently he was in high school and gave a interesting speech.In his speech he told the students eleven rules to follow in life.I found those rules pretty awesome and sharing it with you guys here.

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Twitter puts a stop to your sex life

Twitter Stopped Sex LifeTwitter a very fast growing social community is a network that I joined few days back. I had no idea that I’ll get that much addicted to it and as a result I don’t get time to do anything else, even don’t like to watch porn anymore 🙂

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A Reality of Life we can’t Ignore

Man thinkingLife is strange and full of wonders,we just can’t imagine how much we have gained and how much we have lost in this life.Looking back into our years,bring memories of joy and sadness.They say you can’t forget the bad things which happened to you, but you sure learn from them a lot.How to spend this life in the best way,lead me to this short story which i wan’t to share with you guys,its really very touching and makes you think.

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