Mark Zukerberg, Can You Stop Updating The Facebook Layout?

Facebook the world’s biggest social media network website with over 600million signed up accounts and around 400million active users worldwide couple of days back updated the layout of the profile page again. This is I think the 4th or 5th time the layout has been changed since the popularity of facebook. I wonder what is Mark Zuckerberg doing and what plans he has in his mind.

Continue reading “Mark Zukerberg, Can You Stop Updating The Facebook Layout?” is launching new premium account interface was founded just 3 years ago in year 2006 and became the world’s best file hosting and file sharing service. Rapidshare is currently hosting several petabytes of data with hundreds of gigabyte bandwidth Internet connection to their servers for providing the users with a free file sharing / file hosting service. During last year rapidshare changed an overall interface of their website and now rapidshare is going to provide even a better interface for their premium account members.

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