Soft drinks can powerup gadgets, Sony Bio-batteries

SONY Employee Displaying Bio BatteryIt looks like the world is becoming green day by day, as companies are coming up with different eco-friendly and green product ideas. Lately SONY Corporation showed unique power generation sources at the International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Expo in Japan. It was a pleasant scene to watch cute looking devices and gadgets running on some strange power sources that we had never even imagined before. Soft drink and wind were used generate power to run a fan.

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Google Emits Carbon Dioxide When Searched

Google Carbon DioxideAlex Wissner-Gross at Harvard University in his latest researches found out that when ever someone search on Google, the servers emit 7grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air. In comparison to it other sources tell that boiling a kettle generates around 15g of CO2. We might think it is quite less when we compare it to a small car which emits 268grams of carbon dioxide per person per mile.

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